Quiz: Is Massage Right for Your Horse?

Welcome to your quiz to see if massage therapy may benefit your horse.

Does your horse receive chiropractic care?
Does your horse move away from you or try to nip you when being saddled?
Is your horse unable or unwilling to round his back or neck (collect or frame up)?
Does your horse buck or kick when you first mount until you get warmed up (cold backed)?
Does your horse have difficulty squaring up?
Does your horse move away from you when you try to mount?
Does your horse suffer from any of the following: arthritis, colic, cribbing, EPM, founder/laminitis, tying up/PSSM?
Does your horse seem stiff or tense under saddle?
Does your horse have difficulty maintaining impulsion or collection?
Does your horse seem hypersensitive when being brushed?
Does your horse falter or resist during transitions?
Does your horse seem unwilling or unable to perform lateral work or step up under himself?
Is your horse reluctant to stride out or extend the gait?
Does your horse carry his head high, even when you are riding with a loose rein?

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Answer these questions to see if your horse, pony, mini, or mule might benefit from sports massage therapy!

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