Initial Evaluation Report






16.2 Hands


1200 lbs



Major Complaint(s) from Owner

Apollo has a long body, so he trips a lot and gets "strung out." He does ok with picking up leads and is fine on his takeoffs and landings (over jumps).

Present Illnesses:


Past Injuries & Illnesses:

Apollo was injured last winter and was confined to his stall for about 3 months.

Apollo TB profile view
apollo TB view from behind

We had a difficult time getting Apollo squared up. It wasn't consistently the same leg that was "out of square," though, so I don't think it was a physical issue. This gelding is noticeably lacking in muscle.

Apollo is tracking at the walk this direction.  At the trot, he is almost tracking on his left set of legs, and is noticeably under tracking on his right legs.

Apollo seems to be relaxed at the walk. He seems loose in his shoulder, but he is stiff in his hindquarters; therefore Apollo isn't tracking. At the trot, he is the same as he is trotting to the left.

Evaluation Notes

Apollo's lack of muscle mass is a concern since he is being asked to perform the very physical tasks involved with jumping and dressage.

Observations from  First Massage

Apollo seemed to really enjoy his massage! He was sore on his barrel and hindquarters on the right side.

Recommended Therapy

Apollo will participate in the 30 day conditioning program in order to build muscle mass.

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