Initial Evaluation Report






16 Hands


1200 lbs



Major Complaint(s) from Owner

The vet has said that Atlas' left hip is out of alignment. It has been this way since the current owners purchased him. Atlas has trouble picking up his right lead, and he routinely refuses jumps and runs through things. He also has trouble bending and crow hops when asked to canter. Atlas pins his ears and/or threatens to kick when being brushed on his barrel and hip on the right side.

Present Illnesses:


Past Injuries & Illnesses:

None known

Atlas OTTB side view
Atlas OTTB view from behind horse massage

We were unable to get Atlas to square up, which is not surprising considering the problem with his left hip.  It is hard to get a good idea of the rest of his conformation; the left hind leg being out of place affects the rest of his body.

At the walk, Atlas seems to be relaxed; his head is level with his withers, and he is tracking. At the trot, he looks very stiff in his hind end. Because of this stiffness, he is unable to track.

As is the case to the left, Atlas almost looks like 2 different horses between his front and back half. In the front, he is taking nice, big strides; however, in the back he is stiff and taking shorter strides. At the walk, it's a little easier to see the lack of cadence in his walk.

Evaluation Notes

Atlas showed signs of discomfort around his hips on both sides. Otherwise, nothing seemed alarming.

Observations from  First Massage

Atlas was very, very sore in the area of C1 and C2 (right behind his poll), and his left shoulder was extremely tight. He showed signs of being sore pretty much everywhere on his body. He was particularly unhappy about having work on his right side, especially on his barrel and hip. This is not surprising since he is using his right side to compensate for the issues in his left hip.

Recommended Therapy

Atlas will receive massages twice per week for at least three weeks. We will evaluate progress at that time.

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