Initial Evaluation Report






15.3 Hands


1100 lbs



Major Complaint(s) from Owner

Indy does not bend well to either side, and he has a hard time stretching out & down. He's grumpy during warm up and when asked to move into the canter. Not wanting to move into the canter is a relatively recent development. He paddles on his right front.

Present Illnesses:


Past Injuries & Illnesses:

No known injuries or illness, but he was underweight when he was initially purchased.

Indy side view
Indy view from behind before massage

Indy seems to be standing fairly squared up. There aren't any issues that are raising red flags.

In these videos, it seems like Indy is moving fairly well. I don't see any obvious signs of him being stiff. He is tracking at the walk but not at the trot. His head carriage looks good at both gaits.

Evaluation Notes

We will need to check saddle fit at the follow up session since he seemed to be fairly sore in some of the key saddle-fit areas. Indy did provide a slight reaction when checking the pressure points behind the shoulder and especially around the hips.

Observations from  First Massage

Indy was fairly restless during his massage. We did notice that he would have a bit of fidgeting, then he would usually show a sign of release afterwards. He seemed to be more sore on his left side than the right, although both sides were noticeably sore. He was particularly sensitive around his withers/shoulders, girth area, and hips. He also had a few large knots in his neck. Some of this behavior may also be due to the fact that he's a 5-year-old OTTB 🙂

Recommended Therapy

Indy will receive massages twice weekly until we can get him a little more relaxed and less sore. We will re-evaluate in a few weeks and see how things are going.

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