Initial Evaluation Report






14.3 Hands


1100 lbs


trail riding & 4H (all events)

Major Complaint(s) from Owner

Ishi is really tense at the canter under saddle. Occasionally she will buck when asked to canter. She has a hard time bending and moving on at the same time. She has difficulty reaching out /extending her gaits in general. Ishi is actually pretty tense all the time. She sometimes "explodes" during lunging when asked to canter.

Present Illnesses:


Past Injuries & Illnesses:

She got caught in barbed wire 2.5 years ago and has a large scar on her hind-left pastern. The vet has checked it. Occasionally it reopens and bleeds a little.

In the fall of 2015 she started coughing a lot. The weather was very, very dry, and there was a lot of dust around the barn. She was diagnosed with heaves. She has not had any other recurrences of coughing.

Ishi picture from the side
Ishi View from Behind (4)

She seems to be standing up under herself in the front a little. If you draw a line straight from her shoulder to the ground, you will see that her leg is behind that line.  She's standing toed out a little in the hind.

She seems to be much more relaxed at the walk. Note the lower headset, and she is tracking. At the trot, she is holding her head high, and the muscles in her neck seem tense. She's not tracking at the trot.

To the right, her walk looks relaxed, but she is not tracking. At the trot, her head is higher, even higher than when she trotted to the left. She also seems to be leaning on her right shoulder when moving to the right.

Evaluation Notes

Both her English and Western saddle seem to fit well. There were not any noticeable negative reactions during the evaluation.

Observations from  First Massage

Ishi LOVED her massage! She wanted me to go very deep, especially on her crest and neck on both sides. There were several large knots there, and she enjoyed me working on them. She seemed to be a little more sore on her barrel (sides and underside).

Recommended Therapy

We will work on giving her massages twice weekly for a few weeks since she is being ridden almost every day. We will then taper down to once per week and see how she responds.

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