Initial Evaluation Report






16 Hands


Flat work

Major Complaint(s) from Owner

Lily is having trouble with her right hind. The vet believes it could be an issue with her hock; others have suggested that it may be her stifle.

Present Illnesses:


Past Injuries & Illnesses:

None known

Lily behind

Lily seems to be really well muscled and proportional. Her withers are a little higher than her croup, which may affect her balance.

Lily uses herself very nicely at the walk. She uses her hindquarters to push herself forward; therefore, she easily tracks at the walk. There is definitely something going on with the right hind.

Similar observations moving to the right. It's a little easier to see that the right hind is causing some pain.

Evaluation Notes

No major reactions when doing a basic check of the crest, withers, shoulders, spine, and hip.

Observations from  First Massage

Lily's right side was definitely more sore than her left. She had a lot of spams through her back during the first session. When I worked on her stifle, she tried to kick.


At the second session, I noticed she was sore on her hips on both sides. She still had spasms on her back (right side), and she was also sore around her croup on the right side. I massaged her stifle very gently, and she responded by dropping her head and closing her eyes.

Recommended Therapy

We are going to massage Lily twice per week for a few weeks and see how she responds.

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