Initial Evaluation Report






15 Hands




trail riding & 4H (all events)

Major Complaint(s) from Owner

Moo really needs to build muscle. We just purchased her in November, and she had not been ridden regularly since April. We rode her on nice days over the winter and plan to begin riding her daily. Moo will be used in 4H this year. She also has a bump on her spine. The vet said it's common in long-backed horses.

Present Illnesses:


Past Injuries & Illnesses:

None that we know of.

Moo side profile
Moo view from behind

Moo is obviously very long in the back, and she's also pretty long from hip to dock. She is standing up under herself in the front and is not squared up. She looks a little long in the toe. The owner reported that she is due for a trim. As her owner also noted, she lacks muscle pretty much everywhere. Her topline is especially of concern since she is long backed.

She is undertracking at both the walk and the trot. At the walk, it looks like her head may be coming up higher when she steps down with her front left. She is lifting her head higher at the trot. This causes her to hollow out her back, which may be due to the weak topline. I would really like to see her get up under herself better and use her hindquarters more. She is definitely taking short strides.

She seems to be a little more relaxed to the right. I'm not seeing as much of the head bobbing. She does still look tense at the trot. She's also still undertracking and not coming up under herself like she should.

Evaluation Notes

One of the saddles used on her is too wide. The owner is aware of that and uses a pad to build up around the withers. I did notice the lump on the spine that the owner mentioned. The English saddle being used fits nicely.

Observations from  First Massage

Moo was sensitive to even the lightest of pressure. She resisted being touched at all on her neck on the left side. She actually fidgeted a lot on her entire left side...a lot of moving back-and-forth and side-to-side. It is of note that I started on her right side, so she may have just been bored. Her owner reported that she does not stand tied well for long periods of time, although she does stand fairly well for the farrier.

Recommended Therapy

We will put Moo on the 30-day conditioning program to help build muscle and relieve some of her tension.

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