Initial Evaluation Report






15.1 Hands


1100 lbs


Hunt Seat / Jumping

Major Complaint(s) from Owner

Recently, Remi seems stuck on the right side, and he doesn't want to stay collected. He gets very moody and tosses his head. He tried to kick his owner (which he has never done before!) Lately he has also been walking away when she tries to mount.  He also has been stretching his neck down to the ground when she is walking him out. He has also started kicking at the walls when he is being stalled. They have moved his stall several times, and he continues to kick.

Present Illnesses:


Past Injuries & Illnesses:

None known

Remi side view
Remi view from behind before massage

Remi's not squared up, but it's not something he has been regularly asked to do in the past. There aren't any red flags at first glance.

Remi looks nice and relaxed at the walk; I don't see any issues. In his trot, I noticed that he gaits moving to the left but trots on the way back (to the right). We took a few more videos to see if he always does this, but he trotted both ways in those videos (below).

Evaluation Notes

Remi showed signs of being sore on both hips, especially on his left side.

Observations from  First Massage

Remi's entire left side seemed to be much tighter than the right. He had one large knot on the left side of his neck and 3 large knots on the right side. He seemed to be sore through his intercostals, hips, and glutes on both sides, but especially the left.

Recommended Therapy

We will start by massaging Remi once per week. His owner will monitor the knots on his neck.

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