Initial Evaluation Report






15.1 Hands


1200 lbs


trail riding (not ridden regularly)

Major Complaint(s) from Owner

Ruger seems to drag his hind feet and often interferes. Under saddle, he carries his head very high. On the trail, he seems nervous or antsy.

Present Injuries or Illnesses:

Heaves-he occasionally has thick white or green discharge from one nostril. He does not cough very often.

Past Injuries & Illnesses:

No injuries since his time with the current owners, but he has several scars on his lower legs. There is also a large indentation on his neck.

Ruger side profile
Ruger view from behind

It took the owner MANY attempts to get him to square up, and he never really did get all the way square. He is lacking muscle tone from being off all winter; he has not been ridden regularly this spring. He especially seems to be lacking muscle or experiencing atrophy in the hindquarters below the point of hip. From behind, it looks like he has more muscle on the right than on the left from behind.

Ruger seems to be tracking well in the walk, but he is undertracking at the trot. He has short, choppy strides, which would explain why his describes his trot as "very bouncy."

He is undertracking at both gaits going this way. It could be because he is being led, though.

Evaluation Notes

Ruger did not have any big reactions during the initial evaluation. We were unable to check saddle fit at this session.

Observations from  First Massage

He was a little sore in several areas, so I used fairly light pressure. He was definitely relaxed, though!

Recommended Therapy

Since Ruger is not used much, and there aren't any glaring issues, we are going to massage every other week to start. As he is ridden more (once the weather improves and his owners are trail riding), we will move to weekly massages if needed.

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