Initial Evaluation Report




Pony of the Americas


Lesson Horse

Major Complaint(s) from Owner

Simon was a  4-H horse before he was put in the lesson program. Simon started becoming very impatient, so they no longer use him in lessons. He now gets ridden 2-3 times a week by experienced riders only. His owners said that his right front knee seems to hyper extend backward, and his hind legs don't seem to match the striding of his front legs, especially at the canter. His owner also stated he flinches when brushed on the left side of his back.

Present Illnesses:


Past Injuries & Illnesses:


Simon behind

Simon seems to be standing up under himself in the back a little. If you draw a line straight from his hip to the ground, you will see that his leg is in front of that line.  He's standing toed out a little in the hind. His knees do seem to bend back more than they should.

At the walk, Simon uses his hindquarters nicely to achieve a long stride, allowing him to track.  At the trot, he doesn't quite reach forward enough with his stride to track. He seems fairly relaxed in both gaits.

Just the same as the left, Simon easily tracks at the walk with a low relaxed headset. He doesn't track at the trot going either direction. It seems that he was more tense trotting to the right than he was the left.

Evaluation Notes

Simon did not really liked being touched much, although there wasn't any particular area that seemed to bother him.

Observations from  First Massage

I was unable to finish a complete massage with Simon for the first several times I worked with him. He would not stand still, frequently tries to bite, threatens to kick, and pins his ears. I cannot tell if he's sore or angry. It does seem as if he has a difficult time relaxing and quieting his mind.

Recommended Therapy

We will start with doing Simon twice per week and see if we're able to progress to the point where we can do a complete massage. Then we can switch to once per week.

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