Initial Evaluation Report




Paint x Percheron


15.2 Hands


Therapeutic Riding

Major Complaint(s) from Owner

Tux is unable to pick up his left lead, and he is somewhat swayback. He becomes very anxious and pins his ears during tack up and mounting, but he settles in once the rider is on. He can be head shy at times.

Present Illnesses:


Past Injuries & Illnesses:

His previous owners reported an old navicular fracture.

Tux behind

As mentioned by the owner, Tux is swaybacked. He seems to be toed out a little in the back, but that is acceptable for draft breeds, so it may not be an issue.

Tux seems to be very relaxed at the walk, with a low headset. At the trot his head is much higher, and his ears are pinned. When Tux is performing his gaits, he appears to be stiff in the hindquarters. Therefore, he doesn't track in either gait.

Tux moves similarly to the right as he does the left. He still looks stiff in the hindquarters, and he isn't tracking.

Evaluation Notes

On the thermal images for Tux, I was able to see inflammation on his right hindquarters and the area where his neck meets his shoulder on the right side.

He gave a mild reaction when checking his hips during the initial evaluation.

Observations from  First Massage

Tux L-O-V-E-D his massage! He was much more sore on the right than the left, which confirmed what the thermal images showed. Tux physically rearranged himself to show me where he wanted me to work deeper, and he would rock back and forth when I was in the right spot. I spent a lot of time on the right side of his back near the hip and on the inside of his right hind leg (under his tail, between his legs).

Recommended Therapy

Since Tux is used regularly and often works with unbalanced riders, he would benefit from regular sports massage sessions.

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